Destination Weddings and the Women Who Want Them.

Being in Miami, I see many a wedding  here in Sunny South Florida. It’s only natural, we’re in paradise (at least we can make it look like paradise) and the weather betrays us only 75% of the time. Despite the beautiful Beach resorts, and fantastic scenery, we still yearn to have our weddings in exotic locations. Most people who aren’t from beachy areas like Miami, tend to travel to Miami or even further to places like Jamaica, Bahamas, or Aruba for their nuptials.

There are pros and cons to destination weddings. For one thing, you can’t get ALL your invited guests to attend because of the expense. On the other hand, you save money (and sometimes stress) if they don’t show up (I mean, does 3rd Aunt Carol really HAVE to come?). You don’t have to worry about planning as much; especially when both you and your spouse have large families from all over the place and it’s easier to have them travel to one location.

Outside of cost and unwarranted opinions and complaints of your attendees (Like, too much), destination weddings sound like the! I mean, seriously, there’s no need to worry about planning since the venue I’m using has it’s own on site coordinator and the honeymoon is built in (make sure everyone knows to leave) so you kill two birds; bang, bang.

I’m in my early 30s and believe you me, if I had decided to have my wedding reception in Jamaica (the majority of my mother’s side is from there) I guarantee only half of my friend group would have shown up to my nuptials. To some, this is sad because you want to share your big day with your nearest and dearest. However, you can also share pictures online for a lot less than $40 a plate.

Some folks have destinations to the country side or even in the ski mountains. Those folks are brave and I want to meet them.

Some tips to wedding guests going to destination weddings: prepare for it like a vacation. I had friends get married the same month of my own wedding anniversary which meant losing out on their big day since my vacation plans had already been set. The best part of that scenario for a bride to be is that it’s one less person to worry about feeding.

It’s pretty hard to plan for something so far in advance already, add a couple thousand miles and most brides would probably freak. I always suggest getting good planners on your side or booking your big day with a hotel that has a package included so that you’re only big decision is your dress and the partner you choose to marry. Make sure you choose the partner BEFORE your dress. New episode of Wedding Wine Wednesday below, enjoy!

Featured Dress Friday: Justin Alexander – Style #9894

Be You. That’s the new campaign slogan from popular bridal designer, Justin Alexander. Boasting for brides to embrace their curves and love their natural selves while they wear these beautiful designs is what makes this particular gown so special. I have to say Justin, I have NO problems being myself in this beauty! I love that the campaign focuses on the curvy bride and has a plethora of plus size wedding dresses to choose from. You should most definitely check out the hashtag #beyouxJustinAlexander because the other dresses modeled by curvy influencer and model Iskra, are to die for.

Back to this dress though…

First, let’s dive into the obvious: the bedazzled greatness. I am in love with the opulent detail the beads provide throughout the bodice, sleeves and skirt. I don’t know about you, but I would feel a new kind of regal walking down the aisle in this fit and flare wedding dress. As a plus size bride, I appreciate that the dresses in this campaign go from size 2-32 and have no up charge for plus sizing. Winning! Justin is known for the intricate design work and tight (and I do mean tight) fit of his dresses.However, this particular gown has a mix of Jersey knit and tulle fabric that helps it hug your curves in all the right places. She’s long sleeve and has an illusion back with a button up closure, so get your crochet hooks ready. As if the dress didn’t have enough drama, The plunging Sabrina neckline (a high collar neckline with a plunging v-neck in the middle) add the hint of sexy that balance out the long sleeved look. For more details on where to find this dress at your local bridal shops, click here.

JA Bride 9894 back skinnyJA Bride Back Train


Featured Dress Friday: Allure Bridal Style # W393

Happy Black Friday! I hope you all enjoyed your delicious dinner and time with friends and family! This week our Featured dress is in honor of the food baby I’m experiencing currently. She doesn’t have a name but a style number, W393, and is perfect for the bride who loves drama (in her clothing, not her life).

Allure Bridals did a great job with this ballgown silhouette. The beaded embroidery on the illusion bateau over a sweetheart neckline matches perfectly with the ruffled horse hair organza and satin floor length skirt. This dress is giving you romance, and fun all in one. Check out the dress here to find the store nearest to you that has it! If you end up trying it on, send photos and tell me how it feels, I’d love to hear from you! Stay Plush!

Wedding Wine Wednesday: #weddinghashtags

We all have seen them, the too long hashtag that is a synopsis of the way the couple met, fell in love, their dating history and their engagement. The wedding hashtag, that is commonly used to link all the photos and video of their big day in one place. Oftentimes, it’s simple and sweet like #foreverfranklin or #finallyforrester. (I don’t know those people so if you look up their hashtags tell them hi for me). On the other hand, there are the hashtags that include all the deets, #JohnnandJackieJoinInHolyMatrimonyinJersey or #HappilyeverEatonwholikeseatingspaghetti #LauraandCalebcanthelpbuttostareatstars. I have one question for these long hashtags, who is reading them? Also, I am certain NO ONE is writing these essays to share a photo, if they are, they are misspelling something and texting you the photo later, trust.

I go into more detail below on my newest video: check it out.

Struggle Size: A Bridal Gown Guide

I got stuck in my wedding dress…

I decided to try on my old wedding dress that you’ve seen plenty of times on the website and since it’s a size 20W I figured my size 20/22 body would still fit in my wedding dress. My dress hurt my feelings and she was put in timeout. It dawned on me that wedding dresses don’t adhere to the same rules as most fashion sizes. Once I realized that I realized a size guide is needed for the designers. So never fear, The Plush Bride is here!

A quick overview of what the sizes would be on most wedding dresses. Size up 2 sizes larger (sometimes 3 depending on the silhouette) than what you wear in the streets and it should fit your body. The only other caveat is that you would have to be mindful of the dress shape and whatever detail they include that could change how it looks on your specific body type.

With all that said, I visited Wonderland Bridal’s Trunk show of Stella York’s Everybody/Every bride collection and tried on about 6 dresses. Best part? I videotaped it ALL! Check out the video here and I also go into detail of the sizing as well.