At Home Try On for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

At Home Try On for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

I love online shopping. I’m plus size so it’s something I would have to either love or hate and get used to. I never in a million years would agree to purchase my wedding dress online. I guess it’s because I genuinely enjoy the wedding dress shopping experience. I watch a lot of Say Yes to the Dress and like most brides, my expectation is that I have my over opinionated family with me while I blubber over a beautiful wedding gown.

I did not get that chance my first time around, nor did many of my plus-size friends.

So many of my plus size friends have the story of not being able to find their gown in their size to try on while shopping at several different boutiques and stores and I want future brides to change the narrative. I realized that in order to change that narrative, we would have to open our minds to other options…like buying our wedding dresses online. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how is that solving anything? I can’t try the dress on, my family can’t be apart of the experience, etc. Well never fear! I found out that wedding dresses are now available to try on at home for as little as $25. Obviously depending on the company, some of the legitimate (please note that word) online retailers offer the option to choose dresses to try on at home before you make one of your biggest purchases of your life.

I realized that plus size wedding dresses should have this option more than anyone else…and doesn’t. Not one of these websites have this option except for the seedy sites that sell major designers for ‘less’ and are definitely not the way to go. Authorized retailers of designers are the only ones who should offer their dresses online and definitely wouldn’t have their dress prices slashed over 50% off. Time and again, brides find themselves with dresses that do not look like what they purchased off the website and end up in gowns that either don’t fit or are wrong altogether.

When shopping for a dress online it’s important to note that you more than likely won’t be getting your favorite dress from your favorite designer online. You’ll have to find a similar design and silhouette that matches your style since most of these online retailers sell other up and coming designers who do allow for their dresses to exclusively be sold online. Outside of shopping at regular retail stores like Asos, using these services can save you hassle and time. I went into major detail about it for this weeks episode of Wedding Wine Wednesday below, ENJOY!

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