Wedding dress shopping as a plus size woman can be a daunting experience. One that causes you to feel unsure and insecure about your body. So much so that you’re turned off by the process altogether and wish you could find the perfect dress online. As a woman, I’m all too familiar with our ‘ugly days.’ I’m not only a bridal blogger, but a PLUS SIZE bridal blogger. I encompass two major industries in one and realize that plus size women, brides, in particular, all struggle with ‘ugly days’. I myself have had those days and had them while shopping for a wedding dress also.

It wasn’t until I was told that a mantra was necessary to keep these negative thoughts from consuming me. Saying over and over, no matter if I believed myself or not, that I was beautiful, sexy and worthy. For me, those were the thoughts I struggled with. I realized it’s normal and a process, so I kept it up and am still doing so to this day because I see a change. I am taking photos of myself and video showcasing my body to the world because I’m confident enough to do that now. I trusted the process and eventually, you will too.

Your size doesn’t dictate how you should feel about yourself. The number on the scale, the number of your dress size, the number of your BMI, whatever it is, does not mean you are any less sexy than you were yesterday. You are a plus size, no, PLUSH size, beauty and you are #plushsizesexy. You and your curves make life interesting and fun and no one else can say otherwise. Enjoy your dress shopping experience brides, you deserve to feel beautiful and confident always. Stay Plush!

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