Wedding Wine Wednesday: #weddinghashtags

Wedding Wine Wednesday: #weddinghashtags

We all have seen them, the too long hashtag that is a synopsis of the way the couple met, fell in love, their dating history and their engagement. The wedding hashtag, that is commonly used to link all the photos and video of their big day in one place. Oftentimes, it’s simple and sweet like #foreverfranklin or #finallyforrester. (I don’t know those people so if you look up their hashtags tell them hi for me). On the other hand, there are the hashtags that include all the deets, #JohnnandJackieJoinInHolyMatrimonyinJersey or #HappilyeverEatonwholikeseatingspaghetti #LauraandCalebcanthelpbuttostareatstars. I have one question for these long hashtags, who is reading them? Also, I am certain NO ONE is writing these essays to share a photo, if they are, they are misspelling something and texting you the photo later, trust.

I go into more detail below on my newest video: check it out.

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