Struggle Size: A Bridal Gown Guide

Struggle Size: A Bridal Gown Guide

I got stuck in my wedding dress…

I decided to try on my old wedding dress that you’ve seen plenty of times on the website and since it’s a size 20W I figured my size 20/22 body would still fit in my wedding dress. My dress hurt my feelings and she was put in timeout. It dawned on me that wedding dresses don’t adhere to the same rules as most fashion sizes. Once I realized that I realized a size guide is needed for the designers. So never fear, The Plush Bride is here!

A quick overview of what the sizes would be on most wedding dresses. Size up 2 sizes larger (sometimes 3 depending on the silhouette) than what you wear in the streets and it should fit your body. The only other caveat is that you would have to be mindful of the dress shape and whatever detail they include that could change how it looks on your specific body type.

With all that said, I visited Wonderland Bridal’s Trunk show of Stella York’s Everybody/Every bride collection and tried on about 6 dresses. Best part? I videotaped it ALL! Check out the video here and I also go into detail of the sizing as well.

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