The Great Bridal Expo – Fashion Show

The Great Bridal Expo – Fashion Show

Last Saturday I wound up being a VIB, aka a “Very Important Bride,” at The Great Bridal Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. My goal was one thing: dresses. I dragged along my close girlfriend Alkin, to come along and help me people watch and dress judge. There were so many booths, even the Circus Eats food truck was there Serving fried Oreos! (Yes, I indulged in one covered in sugar and caramel and am quite happy I did). About 10 designers were featured including one of my faves, Maggie Sottero. Quick Tips:

  1. If you’re a bride looking for specific vendors and are not sure who you want to go with, especially photographers, DJ’s, Boudoir Photographers, etc. I’d suggest signing up for a local expo, If you’re only in the market for cake, or an actual wedding planner, dresses, etc. Word of mouth or Google might work.
  2. Introverts need not apply. Expos are huge and have A LOT of people. They tend to be loud and overwhelming, and the moment you mark yourself as the bride (and they make sure you do) they hop on you like a cheetah in the night (I’ve been watching way too much Animal Planet with my daughter).
  3. Stay for the giveaways. You might actually win. They have a lot of cool giveaway prizes and sweepstakes during the expo and at times after the expo, they’ll call you too. All you have to do is sign up.

The Expo itself was well attended, with the brides receiving cool swag bags that included bridal magazines, pamphlets, and flyers. Each booth had their own gimmick and most vendors were eager to sit down and talk. However, they had A LOT of the same type of vendors so it was difficult to make decisions. I also noticed only two wedding dress stores and one was David’s Bridal…who will literally show up to every expo known to man.

As for the fashion show? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not only did they showcase wedding dresses but they showcased bridesmaids dresses and one of the dresses had pockets. The show was put on by Mon Cheri bridal and I have to say I enjoyed it very much.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the models were too skinny to really get an idea if the dress would fit my body, which I heard many brides mention around me. I also saw some were too small or didn’t have the right shape for the dresses they had on!

I’ll be reviewing each designer on my Youtube channel next week so stay tuned for that. All in All, The Great Bridal Expo was a win.

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