Plush Boudoir

Plush Boudoir

Let’s get sexy. Or Awkward….depends on who you are honestly. Boudoir photo shoots are a huge part of the bridal experience for some brides. It’s looked at as a nice, spicy, gift for your spouse after your wedding day. The thing about the boudoir photos is that it may give some plus size brides pause because, well, they have to pose half naked in front of a photographer and make sexy faces.

I don’t know how many women out there on the interwebs have this problem, but I have a hard time trying to be sexy. I can’t send the sexy photo in text or make the sultry face. I almost always end up looking hungry or constipated. It’s partly the reason why I didn’t do it myself. A lot of women are able to be sexy by just being themselves. The issue is, putting on lingerie and trying to be sexy at the same time requires a bit more effort.

I completely understand the point of lingerie for most women: It’s the appetizer before the meal. However, it’s still hard for a lot of women to take photos of themselves in it. I think if you find the right photographer, especially one who specializes in boudoir, they will be able to help you with poses and to make you feel comfortable the day of. If you don’t know how to be sexy but still want to do the shoot, do it, but be yourself. If you’re a goofy person, be goofy in lingerie. I’m sure your spouse would be more into the photos because you’re not trying to be sexy because they think you already are.

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