The Bridal Appointment

The Bridal Appointment

Finding a dress for your wedding should be a fun and exciting experience. At times, for many plus size brides, that isn’t the case. Shopping in person for regular plus size fashion still requires a bit of preparation. By “a bit” I mean, finding the location of the store, making sure they carry the outfit you’re looking for, fight off the crowds of people and strollers trying to attack you while you make your way through the store. After all this, you’re praying that while you try on your outfit it will fit properly. Wedding dress shopping may not be any different.

The difference between wedding dress shopping and regular shopping is that oftentimes plus size brides have the option to ask the right questions before making their appointments. They also have a one on one consultant helping them make the decision

1st question: “Do you carry plus size gowns?”

It seems like an obvious question for any appointment for a plus sized bride. While most brides usually ask for specific dresses during their appointment, you the plus size bride should protect yourself early on knowing what stock they carry and the amount of options are available to you. This helps make your appointment go smoothly while you find your dream dress.

2nd question: “How big do your sizes go?”

This is an important question. Some stores carry “plus sizes” up to a size 14-16 only. For a size 20-22 bride, that means the dress won’t go past their waist at all. Usually, when a sample size can only fit on a bride, they leave it open and clip on a modest cover for the back of the dress…this is the best case scenario if the dress can actually make it to your torso. Try and get some info on the size options before making the appointment.

3rd question: “Which designers do you carry in plus sizes?”

This needs to be asked so that you the plus size bride can go home and research the designers style and you can pick out your favorite dresses to give your consultant an idea of what you’re looking for. They’ll still be able to help you into the perfect gown that may not be the specific designer but still the exact style of dress you want and looks great on you.

Unless your hitting up retailers that exclusively plus size gowns, these questions may mean the difference between your dream dress or a nightmare experience. Stay plush!

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