Plus Size Bridesmaids

Plus Size Bridesmaids

Yes, contrary to the bridal party inspo photos you found on Pinterest, Plus Size Bridesmaids do exist. They also would like to see themselves in dresses that fit their body type, while accompanying you on your big day. Now I’m sure a lot of brides would disagree with me and want the bridesmaids to look lesser than themselves on the big day. I’m all for shining bright like a diamond. However, in my camp, anybody rolling with me must be on par boo.

I’m not saying your girls’ dresses have to be the cutest, most slayarific, ensemble out. I’m just saying, your wedding guests will be giving you, the bride ,the side eye for letting your friend/family walk down the aisle in ill-fitting clothing.

To avoid the inevitable shame both you and her will experience, try some of these options to help your bridal party slay on the big day.

It’s best to choose dresses that flatter each bridesmaid in your party. If you and your entire party are some variation of plus size sexy, there are ways to accommodate everyone without taking the shine off of you. If all the bridesmaids mades wear the same style dress and look like the (march of the clones), it can take away from the goal of being uniform and sleek.

Having the same color (and shade) but different styles is usually the best way to go. Using the below chart could help choose the dress style that best fits a bridesmaids body type.

If you choose the same style dress but different colors, try an A-line style which is the most universally flattering style out. If you decide short dresses, then an A-line flared out skirt works wonders. As usual, I have examples below to help you choose the best bridesmaid dress for your lady friends. Stay Plush!




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