Oftentimes as a plus size woman, we tend to be ashamed that we’re insecure about our bodies. I think it has a lot to do with the amazing surge of confident plus size models, bloggers, and women being themselves while in the limelight.

However, Even Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham have things they don’t like on their bodies. I am convinced of this because the Queen, Beyonce, complained about her body flaws on national television more than once. If she feels she has imperfections, we all are allowed to have imperfections because Beyonce said so.

My Beyhiveness excluded, I’m certain that whatever problem area you have, real or imagined, you as a bride have the right to pick the dress that works for you without you having to work for it. I decided to put together a list of dresses that target all types of problem areas and are still gorgeous.

Insecurity #1: The Tummy

For majority of plus size brides, many have issues with their waistlines, feel uncomfortable in close fitting clothing, etc. The best dress styles for you would be A-line gown. My wedding dress was an Empire waist/A-line gown for that exact reason. I tried on Ball gowns and felt it made me look bigger than I was. I tried fit and flares and mermaid silhouettes and felt it accentuated the very area I was trying to de-emphasize. Empire waist gowns fit best because they move your waist line directly under your bust. A-Line silhouettes have the waistline dropping below with the flared out skirt. It’s the most well known and most universally accepted form of dress for any size bride. In fact, many of the other insecurities posted below will include at least one a-line silhouette along with it.

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Insecurity #2: The Arms

Although I’m apart of the flabby arm family, I usually have no shame in my game with wearing sleeveless or strapless anything. I am not like many women with arms like mine, and for those of you trying to conceal your arms while remaining comfortable and confident, these dress styles are for you. Dresses with sleeves usually give a lot of women pause because let’s face it, your first thought is the dresses from the 80s with the gloves and the lace and the ugh. Now, Designers have upped their game to make dresses timeless and fashionable while still using lace…the right way.


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Insecurity #3: The Increased Bust

For my blessed and busty, we sometimes are insecure about the lack of support. We wish strapless bras would cooperate enough to allow a simple frolic photo in the park with our beau. Alas, that is impossible because we might get knocked out by our breasts. Wedding dresses that allow for support while being stylish without wearing uncomfortable undergarments aren’t as unavailable as we think. Straps and halters accentuate but also lift our twins right where they should be for the big day.


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Insecurity # 4: Hips

The curvy bride with wide set hips, and doesn’t want them to be seen would be flattered best by a ballgown or a fit and flare. Aside from the A-line silhouette, both work in favor of this specific body type because it helps the personality differences. Ballgowns/Cinderalla brides with wide set hips would absolutely love these style gowns for their body type. Meanwhile, brides who want to accentuate their other assets (no, the pun wasn’t intended but feel free to chuckle) would feel best in the fit and flare style.

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