Feautred Dress Friday: Stella York – 6201

Ladies…LADIES. This dress almost brought a struggle tear to my eye. I say this because this dress is a dream come true. This week, in honor of my upcoming appointment with Wonderland Bridal, I am featuring this beauty from Stella York’s Everybody Everybride collection.

First, let’s dive into the beautiful Luxe satin finish throughout the entire gown. It looks like my favorite pajamas and probably feels like my favorite teddy bear. The ruched bodice with semi-sweetheart neckline hugs the curvy bride in all the right places without accentuating all the wrong ones.

But the best is yet to come….

The. dress. has. POCKETS!

Before the judgment begins, understand that any dress with pockets makes me giddy, but a Wedding Dress? GENIUS! I mean, think of all the options; I can keep my phone with me instead of depending on folks who then lose it during the day. Or, I can keep a snack in case I get a bit peckish. (yes, snacks…don’t act like you wouldn’t smuggle some goldfish crackers to tide you over.) Aside from all that, the design is flawless. These fabulous pockets are hidden effortlessly within the pleated skirt while the back of the dress has a traditional train and zipper covered by satin buttons.

All in all, this will be my FIRST request to try on at Wonderland…I absolutely cannot wait.

Plush Brides- Jennifer


Our second submission is the beautiful Mrs. Jennifer Carn! Her fabulous David’s Bridal A-Line, chiffon gown fit her body in all the right places!

Her dress had beaded detailing on both the waist and the back of the dress’s train. With a chiffon fabric and natural strapless neckline, Jennifer’s dress was the perfect fit for her perfect day.

Her all-white wedding theme fits right in with her outdoor wedding. Which was saved by no rain the entire night…here in Florida that’s a luxury that must be celebrated, right?

Fun Fact: this wedding was coordinated by your’s truly on the day of. Also, recognize the dress?? 😉 The amazing Abbey of London photography shot her wedding and did a marvelous job. You can see more of their work here.

Fabric Facts

Brides have a lot of things to consider when choosing their perfect wedding dress. Length, color, size, fit and the designer are some common concerns for brides to be. I also concerned myself with not sweating profusely (Thanks, Florida). If sweating is a concern for you too, then another thing to consider is the look, or the fabric, of the dress. The problem here is many brides, including me at one point, have no clue what the difference is in some of the fabrics found in Wedding dresses. We’ve learned after many years of watching wedding shows that tulle and organza are different, but many of us don’t even know why they’re different.

A common misconception is most of these ‘fabrics’ are not really fabrics at all. For example, satin is a ‘finish’ or a feel. It can be polyester, silk or any type of blend. Same as tulle, Organza, or lace which are also blends. Reason being, it’s cheaper to use synthetics or blends of a fabric than the 100% silk or natural fabrics that can cost more. Many bridal dresses use the below fabrics that blend silk with their respective finishes. If you choose a fabric with natural fibers, they would feel better but wrinkle much easier. If this is still all confusing you, never fear! The Plush Bride is here! Below are only a few of a never-ending list of fabrics but most commonly used in wedding dresses.

  • Tulle
    1. You know those fabulous poof skirts that look like tutus? That fabric is known as tulle. It’s a sheer fabric that’s open and breathable and looks a lot like netting. It’s the same fabric you would see ruched on a gown paired with lace. Or used as draping decoration for Baby Shower chairs (ugh) or weddings. Oftentimes, Tulle is designed on the outer part of a ballgown to give it the light and airy look. This is a highly sensitive fabric that will tear easily by being snagged on stuff like your fancy wedding ring.
David's Bridal Jewel Tulle Plus size dress
David’s Bridal ‘Jewel’- Tulle Skirt
  • Lace
    1. This fabric is one of the few things from the 80s that i’m glad made a comeback. Lace is a type of fabric that you would commonly see on your grandmother’s dining room table runner, or a doily. It also is a very popular wedding dress fabric that has many different types and is commonly used as an overlay or added detail to a dress. Like Tulle, it is open and airy (great for the sweaty bride like me) and susceptible to tearing as well. Below are some types of lace that you can choose from on a wedding dress:
      • Chantilly: A very detailed lace with borders around each design and has large spaces between each one on the netting. Usually seen on the open back looks of a wedding gown or sleeves.
      • Julietta A-Line Gown
        Julietta Chantilly lace Gown- Mori Lee Bridals Style # 3156
        open back chantilly lace
        Open Chantilly Lace Back
      • Alencon: a lace with grand designs on the netting that is trimmed with cord. It’s usually seen on the trims of veils or dresses.
      • Alencon Lace Veil
        Alencon Lace trimmed Veil
        Julietta Alencon Lace Dress
        Julietta Alencon Lace Dress. Style # 3143
      • Venice: A much heavier fabric that has a tighter detail and thicker feel. Perfect for cooler weather and often seen as an overlay on a wedding dress or on the neckline and sleeve details.
      • Mori Lee Madeline Gardner Venice Lace
        Mori Lee Venice Lace Gown. Style # 3131
  • Chiffon: A lightweight and sheer fabric commonly used as an overlay (because sheer dresses from head to toe may not be what Grandma is looking for) and designed in several layers. It also snags easily (sensing a theme?) and has a beautiful weightless look to it. This is the main fabric of my wedding dress seen on this blog.
  • David's Bridal A-Line Chiffon
    David’s Bridal A-Line Chiffon Style # 9V9743
  • Organza: Another light and ethereal fabric that is very similar to chiffon that can also easily snag. It’s made from silk usually so it’s soft but It’s not a draping fabric due to it’s structured feel. It works nicely for summer and spring weddings and It’s a great fabric for a plus size bride who lives in hotter places like Florida or Texas.
  • Ruffled Organza Mermaid by Mori Lee
    Mori Lee Ruffled Organza Wedding dress Style # 3124
  • Satin: This is a shiny, smooth, stiffer fabric that is perfect for gowns that have structure. It can be used in almost all dress styles and a designers dream. It’s the perfect fabric that works with any body type and used commonly in ball gown styles or Ruching designs. Bridal satin is usually all silk and extremely durable so if you live in a cooler area or have a winter wedding, Satin is your friend.
  • David's Bridal Satin Dress
    David’s Bridal Satin A-Line Dress Style # 9V3204

Featured Dress Friday – The Julietta Collection 3156

It’s Featured Dress Friday! This week I am drooling over this exquisite gown by Morilee Bridal’s Julietta Collection. This beauty is available in White and Ivory and has sizes 16W-32W.

This dress is for the princess inside all of us! The details are stunning with its crystal detail and the soft chantilly lace overlay. The waist is cinched perfectly to the side creating a curvy A-line shape for any body type. I’m fairly certain if I wore this dress I’d be making the same sultry face as the model but it probably wouldn’t look the same though. It has a corset back which is perfect for any bride avoiding the alteration prices, just make sure you have a friend who is patient and strong because you will need assistance on your big day.

Follow the below link to Morilee’s website To find it at a store near you. But hurry because this dress will be discontinued by December. If you end up trying it on, send me a photo and tell me about your experience! Stay plush!

Plush Brides- Jeanai

Our first real life plus size bride is Mrs. Reyes! She slayed her yacht wedding in an exquisite A-line, lace, David’s Bridal gown. I don’t know about you, but you can’t get anymore plush than a yacht wedding.

Fun fact: Jeanai had the choice of her mother’s dress and decided to get her own dress herself. After much research, she took herself to David’s found the dress of her dreams and bought it on the spot….all by herself. Safe to say she’s as Independent as they come. She and her hunni looked beautiful on their big day! Much love To Jeanai and thanks for the submission!

*if you’d like to submit photos of your plush wedding, send them to hello@plush-bridal.com with the subject line: “Plush Brides”.

Plush Boudoir

Let’s get sexy. Or Awkward….depends on who you are honestly. Boudoir photo shoots are a huge part of the bridal experience for some brides. It’s looked at as a nice, spicy, gift for your spouse after your wedding day. The thing about the boudoir photos is that it may give some plus size brides pause because, well, they have to pose half naked in front of a photographer and make sexy faces.

I don’t know how many women out there on the interwebs have this problem, but I have a hard time trying to be sexy. I can’t send the sexy photo in text or make the sultry face. I almost always end up looking hungry or constipated. It’s partly the reason why I didn’t do it myself. A lot of women are able to be sexy by just being themselves. The issue is, putting on lingerie and trying to be sexy at the same time requires a bit more effort.

I completely understand the point of lingerie for most women: It’s the appetizer before the meal. However, it’s still hard for a lot of women to take photos of themselves in it. I think if you find the right photographer, especially one who specializes in boudoir, they will be able to help you with poses and to make you feel comfortable the day of. If you don’t know how to be sexy but still want to do the shoot, do it, but be yourself. If you’re a goofy person, be goofy in lingerie. I’m sure your spouse would be more into the photos because you’re not trying to be sexy because they think you already are.

The Bridal Appointment

Finding a dress for your wedding should be a fun and exciting experience. At times, for many plus size brides, that isn’t the case. Shopping in person for regular plus size fashion still requires a bit of preparation. By “a bit” I mean, finding the location of the store, making sure they carry the outfit you’re looking for, fight off the crowds of people and strollers trying to attack you while you make your way through the store. After all this, you’re praying that while you try on your outfit it will fit properly. Wedding dress shopping may not be any different.

The difference between wedding dress shopping and regular shopping is that oftentimes plus size brides have the option to ask the right questions before making their appointments. They also have a one on one consultant helping them make the decision

Continue reading “The Bridal Appointment”

Plus Size Bridesmaids

Yes, contrary to the bridal party inspo photos you found on Pinterest, Plus Size Bridesmaids do exist. They also would like to see themselves in dresses that fit their body type, while accompanying you on your big day. Now I’m sure a lot of brides would disagree with me and want the bridesmaids to look lesser than themselves on the big day. I’m all for shining bright like a diamond. However, in my camp, anybody rolling with me must be on par boo.

I’m not saying your girls’ dresses have to be the cutest, most slayarific, ensemble out. I’m just saying, your wedding guests will be giving you, the bride ,the side eye for letting your friend/family walk down the aisle in ill-fitting clothing.

To avoid the inevitable shame both you and her will experience, try some of these options to help your bridal party slay on the big day.

It’s best to choose dresses that flatter each bridesmaid in your party. If you and your entire party are some variation of plus size sexy, there are ways to accommodate everyone without taking the shine off of you. If all the bridesmaids mades wear the same style dress and look like the (march of the clones), it can take away from the goal of being uniform and sleek.

Having the same color (and shade) but different styles is usually the best way to go. Using the below chart could help choose the dress style that best fits a bridesmaids body type.

If you choose the same style dress but different colors, try an A-line style which is the most universally flattering style out. If you decide short dresses, then an A-line flared out skirt works wonders. As usual, I have examples below to help you choose the best bridesmaid dress for your lady friends. Stay Plush!




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Trunk Show- Wonderland Bridal 10/27-29

Hello Beauties! I just spoke with Patty and wanted to share with you details from Wonderland Bridal in Pompano Beach, FL. They will be holding a Stella York Trunk Show of her Plus size line. I’m thoroughly excited for my appointment so I can show you these beautiful gowns. It’s not often you see trunk shows come into boutiques exclusively for plus size brides. It’s the best time as any to do my first live video and post it here. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a great month! For more of Wonderland Bridal’s work click hereStella York Trunk Sh Plush.

DIY-An Opinion Piece

*the above images are from the Pinterest search DIY Wedding Ideas*

I, Nefertiti, the Plush Bride, Lover of all things Bridal and Plus size…absolutely hate doing things myself. If there is a mason jar with lights or cute place card holders I see online, I look for the link to purchase them. I am blessed enough to have craft obsessed friends that have whole rooms dedicated to this type of stuff. So blessed, I pay them for random knick-knacks whenever need be. Me? Absolutely not.

Once, I looked up how to do an effective wedding for $5000. I naively thought it would only include buying and setting things up myself. I thought my budget would still have room for a decent caterer, gown, hair and makeup, venue and a DJ. Oh how wrong was I? I saw venues that were parks with food trucks as caterers and the guests were sitting on quaint blankets. Everything about it looked effortless, until I saw the amount of work that wedding took. I also saw people who would be happy to be on quaint blankets and were nice to the bride and groom. People who seemed so appreciative of the invite; I do not know people like them. Don’t get me wrong, I have an amazing unit of friends and family, but I do not think a single one of them (maybe 2, with enough sales pitch and baby wipes) would be interested in picnic style anything.

Listen, I love my DIY brides. I love the cute ideas they come up with. As a former Day of Coordinator myself, I know how hard the job is. I made bouquets, centerpieces, chair covers, lamps, etc. I was great at it. I was also great at complaining and grumbling expletives under my breath. I love seeing the finished product and feeling incredibly proud of myself for thinking to look for this. That’s what I do best: think, google, click and buy. I am proud of that and am in no way ashamed. Etsy wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for lazy brides like me. If you do have an Etsy shop that you would like the readers to see, feel free to comment below and share with my fellow lazy brides. We support you and your efforts because someone has to do it. Stay Plush!


Oftentimes as a plus size woman, we tend to be ashamed that we’re insecure about our bodies. I think it has a lot to do with the amazing surge of confident plus size models, bloggers, and women being themselves while in the limelight.

However, Even Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham have things they don’t like on their bodies. I am convinced of this because the Queen, Beyonce, complained about her body flaws on national television more than once. If she feels she has imperfections, we all are allowed to have imperfections because Beyonce said so.

My Beyhiveness excluded, I’m certain that whatever problem area you have, real or imagined, you as a bride have the right to pick the dress that works for you without you having to work for it. I decided to put together a list of dresses that target all types of problem areas and are still gorgeous.

Insecurity #1: The Tummy

For majority of plus size brides, many have issues with their waistlines, feel uncomfortable in close fitting clothing, etc. The best dress styles for you would be A-line gown. My wedding dress was an Empire waist/A-line gown for that exact reason. I tried on Ball gowns and felt it made me look bigger than I was. I tried fit and flares and mermaid silhouettes and felt it accentuated the very area I was trying to de-emphasize. Empire waist gowns fit best because they move your waist line directly under your bust. A-Line silhouettes have the waistline dropping below with the flared out skirt. It’s the most well known and most universally accepted form of dress for any size bride. In fact, many of the other insecurities posted below will include at least one a-line silhouette along with it.

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Insecurity #2: The Arms

Although I’m apart of the flabby arm family, I usually have no shame in my game with wearing sleeveless or strapless anything. I am not like many women with arms like mine, and for those of you trying to conceal your arms while remaining comfortable and confident, these dress styles are for you. Dresses with sleeves usually give a lot of women pause because let’s face it, your first thought is the dresses from the 80s with the gloves and the lace and the ugh. Now, Designers have upped their game to make dresses timeless and fashionable while still using lace…the right way.


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Insecurity #3: The Increased Bust

For my blessed and busty, we sometimes are insecure about the lack of support. We wish strapless bras would cooperate enough to allow a simple frolic photo in the park with our beau. Alas, that is impossible because we might get knocked out by our breasts. Wedding dresses that allow for support while being stylish without wearing uncomfortable undergarments aren’t as unavailable as we think. Straps and halters accentuate but also lift our twins right where they should be for the big day.


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Insecurity # 4: Hips

The curvy bride with wide set hips, and doesn’t want them to be seen would be flattered best by a ballgown or a fit and flare. Aside from the A-line silhouette, both work in favor of this specific body type because it helps the personality differences. Ballgowns/Cinderalla brides with wide set hips would absolutely love these style gowns for their body type. Meanwhile, brides who want to accentuate their other assets (no, the pun wasn’t intended but feel free to chuckle) would feel best in the fit and flare style.

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