Plus Size Sexy

Plus Size Sexy


Welcome beauties to! First let me start out by thanking you for visiting my page I guarantee a good time while surfing and searching.  It’s been a dream of mine for some time (I have secret dreams of joining the rap game, street cred pending) to start a plus size blog. My name is Nefertiti and I too, am a plus size woman. Like the majority of America, I shop in the tucked away section assigned to big women. I knew I had a passion to make change in the industry, but what I really wanted was to make changes to the bridal industry.

I got married 4 years ago and at that time, I was in search for a wedding dress for my busty, curvy, size 20, self. I visited several shops and struggled to find dresses that I found online or in catalogs.  I was anxious to try them on, however very few were available. As a plus size sexy woman, I require my shopping experience to include trying on clothing; ESPECIALLY wedding dresses. I’ve watched way too many bridal shows to not want the experience of bringing my over opinionated mother, judgmental friend, or awkward cousin, while I mull over the decision of whether or not I should go with tulle or chiffon.

The experience I had was slightly different, partly because of the type of wedding I was having and my budget restrictions. I’ve learned 5 things from both my experience and other plus size brides:

  1. Have an idea of what you want and how much you’re willing to spend to get it. That will save you time, money, and heartache in the end.
  2. Do not expect to find the dress of your dreams in stock. Many times, bridal shops carry sample sizes up to 14 and will require you to order the dress (yes chile, pay before you see it) to be able to try it on. With inflexible return policies, this is definitely not the best option.
  3. Search plus size bridal brands and find the stores that carry them. Just be aware that the specific dress you may like, may not be available in your size as a sample.
  4. Give yourself a break. It’s a huge decision and you deserve to get what you want. Take your time and a deep breath, you will find the dress of your dreams.
  5. Always be prepared to walk out. If you are mistreated, ignored, made fun of or any of the other things i’ve heard over time, leave. They don’t deserve your money or your business.

When I was getting married, I ended up having to go to David’s Bridal for my final dress. I love my dress and loved how I looked in it. I thought I was special and the queen my father named me to be. When I made my appointment, I didn’t realize that the dress I found along with the dresses that were pulled for me to try on,  would be the same 8 dresses pulled for the majority of my plus size friends. It was at an appointment with another friend who got  married 2 years after me, where I saw every single dress I had ever tried on being pulled along with my own wedding dress. I wasn’t shocked when she picked my dress, and I wasn’t upset because I realized she didn’t have what any bride wants: options. So Plush Bridal was born that day and I’ve never looked back.

I want every bride to have the feeling that they can walk into a store, find the dress of their dreams without the shopping nightmares. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing tips, size guides and giveaways of beautiful pre owned gowns (including my own) throughout this journey. Stay Plush Beauties!

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