The Unlikely…

Picture Perfect

Found this on the holy grail of wedding planning, Pinterest. As a believer and frequent user of the pinky swear in my home, this is a fantastic photo idea! I love the premise and the different pose options you can choose. Great idea for any...

Plus Size Sexy


Welcome beauties to! First let me start out by thanking you for visiting my page I guarantee a good time while surfing and searching.  It’s been a dream of mine for some time (I have secret dreams of joining the rap game, street cred pending) to start a plus size blog. My name is Nefertiti and I too, am a plus size woman. Like the majority of America, I shop in the tucked away section assigned to big women. I knew I had a passion to make change in the industry, but what I really wanted was to make changes to the bridal industry.

I got married 4 years ago and at that time, I was in search for a wedding dress for my busty, curvy, size 20, self. I visited several shops and struggled to find dresses that I found online or in catalogs.  I was anxious to try them on, however very few were available. As a plus size sexy woman, I require my shopping experience to include trying on clothing; ESPECIALLY wedding dresses. I’ve watched way too many bridal shows to not want the experience of bringing my over opinionated mother, judgmental friend, or awkward cousin, while I mull over the decision of whether or not I should go with tulle or chiffon.